We all encounter “What should i wear on this cold and rainy day?” problem almost every day. It becomes harder to choose what to wear on these days. Well… Is it possible to create both chic and comfortable daily clothing combinations and make it in a funny way? Yes, it is. Let’s take a look at our article for some tips…

Always check the weather news!

It will be useful to check the weather news if you do not want the day make a surprise to you. We need to take precautions in order not to experience unwanted weather conditions.

Complete your combinations with booties!

Booties are one of the most preferred shoes in 2018-19 winter fashion. The most significant feature of booties is their ankle high structure which makes booties favorite complementary pieces especially for your dress and skirt picks.

Leather High Boots and Shoes

Since leather high boots and shoes are very trendy pieces, it is much more easy to create combinations with them. All famous and successful fashion designers keep using these classic models in every collection for years. If you like to use leather in your combinations, these models are perfect for your dress and skirt combinations!

Warm and Comfy Footsteps with Shoes with Faux Fur!

Get ready for different combinations with shoes with faux leather! Furthermore, if you are against using real animal fur, you may prefer shoes with faux fur. The most tempting feature of these shoes is making your feet warm and comfy in them. You can wear them with an elegant skirt, or combine them with your cosy trousers.