We have left a huge year behind. As the time goes very fast, we have just entered a new year in which we will firmly embrace our beloved ones and goals once more. The excitement of the new year and new beginnings always make us full of hopes and dreams. This year, let’s try to spend more time for ourselves and widen our borders and opportunities. At the end of the day, we only come to earth for once. What do you think about creating a to-do-list this year? A pretty to-do-list focusing ourselves first, then our beloved ones and our plans. We can start to create that list by writing down the things we have wanted but haven’t been able to do last year. Because it is meaningless to procastinate something; so we can begin with creating more spare time for ourselves. When we spend more time for ourselves, we begin to feel more completed and express ourselves much better. Let’s visit the places we have never seen. Let’s taste thing we have never tasted and always be open to the new. Do not forget that the biggest mirror is us! When we accurately reflect our first impression, the people looking at that mirror will correctly define you and know you. We realize the importance of our physical appearance once more. We do not mention the inner beauty since it is already a must for every one, there is nothig more we can say about it!

It is highly important to love us in the mirror. Thus, we should prefer the outfits matching our style and making us feel comfortable and happy. If we think a pair of stilettos gives us power or a pair of sneakers makes us feel safe, then, it means we are making the right choice. Of course, encouraging ourselves and being open to the new will save us from boredom and routines. When you have the chance to discover the inner and real you, you may spread your power and positive vibes around by reflecting the real you in your look and styling. While selecting our shoes and bags, let’s be sure that they perfectly reflect us and in order to achieve this, İLVİ is the right address to help you with its shoes and bags with more than 500 variations. We can classify our shoes as casual, special occasions and business life, so we can make everything easier by classifying like this.


Casual Shoes and Bags

Preferring comfy and practical shoes and bags is a life-saving action in our daily lives. Our choices may vary due to where we will be going. Let’s frequently visit nature in our spare time. Because it will be great to turn back to our job and start a new week fully charged. We may have a happier year by taking long walks with comfortable shoes, dancing, jumping or doing whatever we want. But let’s do not forget to have cosy bag and a pair of shoes accompanying these lovely moments. We can be a brand new we who is ready for a brand new year.

Special Occasions

We may have a lot of special times. Such as a wedding, a party, a special night, a birthday party, etc. If we know ourselves and our styles, it will be quite easy to get ready for that day. Having whether a plain look or a flamboyant look at the moments reflecting our energy and making us feel happy and special, will make us us and much more beautiful by exclusive touches. Thus we will be able to create perfect combinations without giving up on quality. Here we leave a link of impressive models and we hope you to find the most exclusive shoe for yourself as the new year begins.


Business Life

It may be quite hard for all of us to struggle with the challenging business life and to keep our mood up every day. The key to cope with all these is to have a strong willpower and a confident personality. While fighting against these challenges, it is up to us to live the day at its best by choosing the outfits making us feel comfy and good. You can discover the shoes perfectly reflecting you alongside pumps and classics on www.ilvi.com. So, how about beginning a new year with stronger and steady steps? Welcome 2020!