The Shoes worn by Yıldız in Yasak Elma

We have compiled some of the shoes worn by Yıldız, the beautiful leading actress of Yasak Elma. The shoes with quite chic designs got lots of attention from the fans of Yıldız. If you are ready, we will begin to view the İLVİ shoes worn by Yıldız (played by Eda Ece) in Yasak Elma.


Aliya Stiletto has 11.5 cm heels. It comes in 4 colors; black, black patent leather, red patent leather beige patent leather. It gets attention since it is handmade as all İLVİ shoes. It has neolite outsoles which wipe out the outsole cracking issue. Yıldız frequently wore this shoe in many episodes. Click here for detailed information about the shoe.



İLVİ Melitta Stiletto has closed toes and 12 cm heels. It has neolite outsoles as Aliya. It is silver. It is made of top quality calf leather.



We can say that İLVİ Keyt Stiletto is probably the favorite shoe of the fans of Yıldız. The pink stiletto that she wore under her pink outfit in TV series is also an İLVİ. Keyt Stiletto has 11 cm heels. It comes in 6 colors. You can view all variations of Keyt on our website




Yıldız generally prefers to wear pumps. When it is winter, of course she prefers a high boot with high heels as usual. Gia is one of the most popular high boots of İLVİ which has 10 cm heels, 68 cm shoe height, 37 cm calf width. It has thick faux fur shoe lining and is made of top quality calf leather. We will try to share the other shoes Yıldız wore in Yasal Elma in the future. You can visit in order to view all high boots.