When one mentions the most talked about and eagerly awaited campaign of the year, the first thing come to mind is Black Friday, aslo known as Super Friday. We will quench our shopping thirst with this campaign having the biggest discounts since its timing is perfect for the end of year purchases and thus the goods will be sold like hot cakes.

This year, İLVİ invites the shopaholics to its stores and website by saying to its customers “Super Discounts on Super Friday” with a lovely campaign making them happy as always. İLVİ presents to its customers unique shoe models with assertive designs for women and men with the Super Friday offers. Own the winter’s trendiest boots and the most chic pumps before they are out of stock on Super Friday which you will be able buy the amazing new collection items with 25% off on cart opportunity in addition to 30% discount. Do not forget that the campaign ends on 02.12.2019. Make a huge room for these beautiful models in your closet now. We wish you to have a lovely shopping day!