We have few suggestions that will make your sleepy and puffy eyes better by taking you away from the cold and the sluggish atmosphere of winter! Let’s drop everything and take action immediately! We have left behind a very busy year behind and it is already time to warm our hearts and souls in spite of cold. You actually know what’s good for you! It doesn’t matter whether it is long or short, we all need a break. Let’s take a look at the things we can do in these cold winter days together.


Weekend Getaway

You can have a weekend getaway with a small suitcase. It will be totally relaxing whether with the ones you love or alone. Furthermore, you don’t need to go that far; just being in a different place will both make both your body and soul feel better and refresh you to give you the power to fight against challenging life. We all think that we are capable of doing everything but procastinate many of them. But this time, we will not procastinate! Taking only warming outfits suitable for the weather for this little getaway will be enough. Also, do not forget to pack your practical and coldproof shoes. This vacation will help you to open the doors of a peaceful atmosphere by keeping you away from the polluted air and noise of the city with long walks in nature.


Snow Holiday

We all got bored by the cities we have been living in! Both the rain and the cold also make us more exhausted and unhappy. If you say “I need an amazing snow holiday!”, then it is time to take out your skiing gear. In big cities, where we can hardly take a vacation, it is almost a miracle for it to snow. But we are so lucky that there are many places in Turkey where we can enjoy snow. Take outfits and boots that will keep you and your feet warm. The soft texture of snow will conquer all your body and you will spread energy like a kid as you step on. Do not forget to stock lots of fresh air on your lungs when you go! Because you will definitely need it when you come back 🙂


Sea Delight in the Middle of Winter

Who doesn’t want to live the joy of the Sun, the sea and the sand in the middle of winter? Although it’s winter if you are able to travel to countries having summer now, start packing up your bikinis. Just find a budget friendly shore and do not forget to get your most chic outfits. A dance floor will be ready for you and your essential stilettos!