This season the color of chicness is white. White boots which are perfect star pieces of both flamboyant and plain stylings will be living its golden era especially this season! You are able to use them both night and day. Well, how about carrying this trend one step further by combining them with white pieces again?


White Military Boots

Military boots made an incredible comeback! Recently, they are considered as a piece completing you chicness in addition to keeping your feet warm and dry. You may have all the admiring eyes on you with a chic and cosy look by matching your military boots with a sophisticated top, a metal belt and a pair of skinny jeans in dark color or you may have a modern look with a mini dress.

The nuance makes İLVİ designs different from other white boots is exclusive pattern prints and drawings. Streets will swarm with models, each of which is an exclusive masterpiece as they appeal to your street stlye and unique look!

White Tall Boots and Booties

 You can also enjoy this unique experience with our shoes keeping your feet chic and warm in cold winter days. Everyone around you will feel the difference of change in your style you are going to create by using whether ankle boots or high boots.  Visit our website or stores for İLVİ’s models with various color alternatives and designs appealing to every taste and style and meet your favorite boots and high boots immediately!

Western High Boots From the Past to the Present

Western or cowboy high boots are taking their place among the recently rising trends. On its journey from the past to the present, they always succeed to make a comeback each year as renovated with exclusive heels, pointed form and designs without shoelaces. İLVİ, achieving to blend their nostalgic atmosphere with modern touches, promises its customers wearing these high boots the feeling of freedom. When these best seller high boots and white unite, an excellent outcome pops up J


We invite you to in order to discover this season’s most assertive and unique shoes and bags in various styles and designs.