The winners of the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards in which the most prestigious music awards are given were announced recently. On that night, also known as the Oscar of music awards, the famous basketball player Kobe Bryant who lost his life at a helicopter crash was commemorated and there was a bittersweet joy all night long. 18 yaşındaki Amerikalı genç şarkıcı Billie Eilish became the most successful artist of the night by winning awards in 5 different categories. Well, what happened on the red carpet before the ceremony? Let’s take a closer look at the red carpet chicness in which the men are more assertive together.


Billie Eilish

Do you think Song Of The Year, Album Of The Year, Best New Artist, Record Of The Year and Best Pop Vocal Album award winner Billie Eilish showed off her success on the red carpet too? She looks very extraordinary and assertive in her exclusively designed outfit in various tones of green. Her platform shoes with green hologram are harmonious with her look. It is very likely to see this kind of extraordinariness in the syle and music of new generation singers!


Billy Porter

He is one of the bravest and the most interesting celebrities of the red carpet. Everything Billy Porter does and wears become sensational and he made everyone talk about him again at the Grammy Awards. He was amongst the extraordinary gentlemen with his fringed flare jumpsuit reflecting the disco style of 70s and flamboyant hat resembling a chandelier. He impressed everyone with his remote-controlled hat that can be opened and closed like a curtain.


Sophie Turner – Joe Jonas

The harmonious couple Sophie and Joe were the most plain and elegant couple of the night. The couple preferring modern-cut outfits were average with their black-dominant outfit combinations. We really liked Sophie Turner’s ankle boots with side openings. You can click here to view our ankle boots.



Lizzo in white attended the night with a exclusively tailored dress perfectly suiting her body. Her dress designed with ultimate care looks quite elegant and very pretty. Her fuzzy shawl draping over her shoulders is in harmony with her dress. Also, her white shoes with thisn straps seen through her slit hit the target by completing her styling. Lizzo showed her success of by winning 3 awards.


Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is one of the models who never age and she is always chic  as she is in her transparent dress. But it seems she didn’t care about her hair as she cared about her dress. We don’t have much to say on her strapped shoes in nude tones. We loved its gleam!


Gwen Stefani

Beautiful Gwen Stefani is another celebrity who doesn’t age. She still cares about her look very much on nights like this. Most of the celebrities at her age let themselves go after giving birth. But Gwen Stefani does the opposite. We especially must say that we loved her pointed over-the-knee high boots in nude. Her strapless dress is designed for her and suits very well. But unfortunately we can’t say the same for her hair and makeup. Nevertheless, she was still chic and she got over the night with her lovely performance.


Ariana Grande

Ariana was one of the attention-grabbers of the night with her look resembling a princess in her eye-catching grey gown with a ballgown skirt made of veil. Even tough she was defeated by Lizzo and Billie Eilish, she got all the attention on the red carpet.