We are getting ready to say goodbye to 2019 for better or worse on these days in which we are experiencing the sadness and happiness of leaving another year behind at the same time. This year, many exclusive and unique designs blew our minds as always. These shoes and bags made an amazing impression and took their places among the most loved and the trendiest pieces of this year. What were the trends of this year? What did we talk about the most? Or, what were the most wondered shoes and bags? Let’s take a look at the trendiest shoes and bags of 2019 together.


Punk Platform Boots

It is very likely to see this winter’s most preferred boots almost everywhere. These military boots with flat high outsoles, ragged outsole surfaces and shoelaces look very comfy and extremely cool. They have recently become the favorite pieces of people who loves to have an alternative styling, thanks to their 70’s punk stream adapted to today look. You can find various punk platform boot alternatives at İLVİ and give yourself a pair of them as a gift before the year ends.

Jane Mary Jane

Mary Jane influencing songs and shoes is a character in a comic strip published in 1902. Since we are used see the name Mary Jane everywhere, it is not a suprise for us to see it among the bests of this year. Mary Jane shoes are one of the timeless shoes that never get old fashioned and still be popular. Mary Jane shoes are one of the most important shoes since they are trendsetter shoes making women feel free and feminine with their thin straps fastened with buckles or buttons and low heels.

Square Toe Shoes

Square toe shoes succeeding to get in the trendy shoes list through the end of 2019 are very assertive and creative. We can say that these shoes are like the modernized version of the past. The hard-edged square toe shoes already become the favorite pieces of women especially who love to have an assertive look. If you combine the vintage and the modern atmosphere, you can view the raising trends and the most wondered shoes of 2019 on

Animal Print

Returning to wild becoming more and more attractive day by day in a crazy way. You can feel this effect at maximum with bags and shoes with animal print. It is impossible not to get impressed by this seductive attraction especially preferred by women. You will be already cracking open the doors of another world by completing your dress and skirt combinations with bags and shoes with animal print. We invite you to to view unique models of the world of animal print which is one of the latest fashion trends. You can click here to view the shoes with animal print.

Crossbody Bags

It is easier than ever to reflect your free style with these practical and comfortable bags. This year, belt bags are used as crossbody bags and become one of the most preferred bag types. These bags come in various colors and alternatives such as smooth leather or crocodile textured leather. You can complete your styling with these pretty bags and carry them with you everywhere as your best accessories.