This season, we come across the wild nature concept almost everywhere. The collections with animal prints are definitely exciting and dazzling. Seeing this nowadays’ rising trend on shoes and bags is much more exciting. You can have amazing results by combining them with your plain outfits especially. These life-saver pieces of plain outfits can also be used with red and other assertive colors and you can strengthen your brave steps. They will make us look more attractive and more pretty with their energy as they will symbollically make us feel more stronger. The wild nature is the most important factor in expressing the free and unique style in ourselves as it means a lot to us. We are very happy to experience the magical influence of animal print in our lives this season. Let’s view the most popular animal prints with various types together.


Zebra Print

It is perfect fort he ones who likes to have an unusually different or attractive look with the zebra print accompanying the amazing harmony of black and white. It will be very beneficial to try the models with the zebra print without a doubt while choosing bags or shoes; believe us you will have a look that you won’t regret. Zebra print will make a significant contribution to demolish the ordinariness of your outfits in black and white and have an eye-catching look. İLVİ is waiting for you to create spectacular results with a pair of boots or stilettos with zebra print.


Snake Print

Snake print is one the favorite and timeless patterns of women. The snake print reflecting the feminine attractiveness is a perfect choice for women using various styles bravely. The first impression that you are going to create with a classic suit or a dress combined with bags and shoes with snake print is magical. Even though it looks very feminine, it is frequently used in men’s accessories. It is possible to see this pattern on complementary pieces as belts or wallets.



Leopard Print

The leopard print is the first pattern comes to mind when one says animal print. It is the most common and the most preferred pattern. Dress, skirt or pants… Whatever we combine it with we always get a magnificent result. The shoes with leopard print are very remarkable. We may have a utterly different and elegant aura by using leopard print with a chic and confident look in our outfit combinations.


Crocodile Print

Recently, it is more possible to see this pattern on almost every model. We frequently see the shoes and bags with crocodile print on the display windows as perfect alternatives to suede or plain leather shoes. We may conveniently prefer this beloved pattern every day. It is inevitable to be chic in these boots with crocodile print combined with jeans or mini skirts. They are available in various designs with short or high height alternatives.