Welcome fall! The season of cold and unsteady weather has just begun! Even though the winter is not knocking at our doors yet, the cold weather slowly begins to show its face in these days… The beautiful energy of summer is dazzling us with the color transitions of fall. In these months you may feel a little exhausted, unhappy and down. Do not let this happen! It is important to enjoy fall and winter as summer by keeping your energy at maximum. If you can make preparations by taking precautions during this season transitions, you will have an amazing winter.


Discover Yourself!

Let’s begin with outfit combinations reflecting you. Discover the designs determining your style. You can see that fashion designers and tastemakers are brave and idealist. So, do not be afraid of revealing the different inner you and trying innovations! It is the perfect time to get yourself a new style this season with İLVİ shoes. When you see the unique models that you can not find at anywhere, you will say that’s “me”!


Be More Well-Cared!

As the weather is getting colder, you may need extra caring; from personal care to shoe care. This will make you feel better both spiritually and physically. You can be get ready to face winter with a sturdy “you” renovated by getting cleaned inside out.


Stay Energetic with White!

This winter streets will be painted in white. We will be frequently seeing this season’s trendiest color white everywhere. White comes one step forward especially with boots. You can have these boots with studs, metal accessories and cool look on now.


Longer and More Longer!

Make room for the longest models in your closet this season! In this season, maxi trenchcoats, maxi dresses, maxi skirts and over the knee high boots are still very popular as they are in last season. The attractiveness of over the knee high boots provide a flamboyant and feminine look for special events and nights. We invite you to our stores and for a spectacular experience with İLVİ’s new collection high boots showing your feminine look and matching your vamp style.