Do you feel the smell of love in the air? It is probably caused by the atmosphere of fall. November is a lovely month that let’s us walk away from the summer mood and step into the winter mood. It is time for us to overcome depression and boost our energy by perceiving the beauties of winter. Enjoy these period in which all the butterflies are flying in our stomachs as in spring. Let’s do not forget that the winter is a very long season, thus time won’t pass while you are in depressed and in sleepy mood. Indulge yourself and try to make thing that will boost your energy while starting your day. Reflect this to your look and outfit choices by preferring combinations making you happy and cosy. Well, how about viewing our suggestions that will make you fall in love with shoes with the lovely effect of November? Let’s begin to discover the most beautiful models together!


Shoes with Cool High Outsoles

Since we are not able make accurate weather predictions in winter, we always want to make secure combinations making us feel comfortable. Of course, it is possible to make it. We can get attention by selecting models reflecting ourselves, suiting our style and making us feel chic and comfortable. Well, which models are getting attention the most this year? The most attention taker models of this season are shoes and boots with high outsoles. Alongside these models, western high boots, aka cowboy high boots, are also getting a lot of credit. We have mentioned about these shoes on our previous article. If you are wondering, you can read it by clicking here. These shoe models with high outsoels supporting you cool look are extremely comfy and practical. You can create amazing looks by combining these models that you will never want to take them off with a pair jeans or a modern dress. You can succed to have a more attractive look with whether military boots or oxford shoes with high outsoles. Besides, do not be afraid of their height; they are very easy to use, thanks to their non-slippery and lightweight exclusive outer soles, You can find various exclusive designs that will inspire you at İLVİ.

High Heel Love

Most women are capable of expressing their feelings with a pair of shoes. Shoes mean passion or even a huge love to them. Especially pumps are irreplaceable pieces for them. It is very normal and usual to wear pumps everyday for high heel addicts. High heel, pumps in general, may indicate a strong, feminine, extraordinary, provocative woman or maybe a woman desires to confidently put her feet on the ground.  Stilettos with animal print are trendy this season again and if you are a high heel addict, a pair of shoes with animal print must take its place in your closet. You will fall in love with their exclusively designed assertive heels that you can not find at anywhere else. The heart-stealing are awaiting you on We highly recommend you to click here to view our lovely products.

Timeless Comfort

The fatigue and the sluggishness coming with the months of winter effect almost all of us. It may become harder to go to work or school, or even to go out. You may create more comfortable outfit combinations in order to make yourself get ready to go out. You should be sure to prefer a comfy shoe that will make you comfortable all day long. As long walks help you to gain your energy back, you can support this by selecting the right sneakers. We frequently come across sneakers with high outsoles. These trendiest sneakers are waiting for you at İLVİ. Furthermore, you can own these shoes with a super campaign. Do not forget to benefit from our “Black Friday” campaign which will continue till the end of November!