How to Select the Right Shoe?

Shoes occupying a huge place in our lives are one of our indispensable needs. Shoes are essential for us and the right shoe choice must be done for each location and occasion. Sneakers can not be worn under a pretty dress at a chic party as well as a pump can not be preferred while exercising.

 How to Select the Right Shoe?

The comfort and the health of the feet are much more important than the suitability for the occasion. The right shoe selection will help to spend time of good quality. Similarly, the wrong shoe selection effects feet health and blood circulation.

While selecting shoes, it is useful to not to say “just a shoe”. The shoes on your feet sometimes may be the determining feature of incidents. For instance, let’s assume you wear a quite chic dress and a very chic pair of shoes at an important meeting. You present a quite important report and if this chic shoe is not comfortable, this may prevent your presentation to be productive and successful. Because of that, you will get distracted all the time. Your thrill will leave its place to pain and the presentation will change depending on the shoe at the rate of 50%. Many examples like this can be given.

 Few Rules of Selecting the Right Shoe

“First of all, the occasion in which the shoe will be used and the style of the shoe must be determined.”

The shoes which will be worn while exercising must be very flexible (including the outsoles) and they must be made of breatheable material. A sneaker must not wrap feet completely; the feet must be quite comfortable inside the shoe. Thus, the swelling occured during exercising will not make you uncomfortable, you can easily make every move thanks to its flexible structure and the breatheable material will prevent sweating.

A pair of shoes for special occasions must completely wrap the feet, must be made of breatheable high quality material and must have flexible outsoles. For pumps, the space bewteen the heels and the outsoles must be more than 3 cm and the feet must not slip inside the shoe while walking.

Shoe size selection is one of the most important factors. Each shoe should be tried on foot in order to make the right shoe size selection. At least 4 or 5 steps should be taken on hard ground. Shoes must always be bought in the afternoon, not in the morning. Feet that are swollen within the day may be misleading while selecting shoe size.