How to Get Rid of Shoe Odor?

You can not forget the taste of something, the color and the touch of something and the shapes of something in your life. What about odors? Bad odor on shoes is a very common issue that almost everyone suffer from. Shoe odor is a quite annoying issue, which reduces the qaulity of life, may be caused by sweating of feet and not getting enough air due to long walks or sometimes making the wrong shoe selection.

Shoe odor generally shows up with feet odor at the same time. The reason of this is the fungal infection of feet. The fungal infection of feet may be caused by not cleaning feet properly, not changing socks regularly and keeping feet within shoes for a very long time. The materials and synthetical chemicals used in production of cheap shoes have a very negative effect on the natural structure of feet. Especially in summer, the increasing heat causes sweat and moisture resulting in an increase in the feet odor. Well, how will we get rid of shoe odor? Let’s take a closer look at it…

End the Shoe Odor with Carbonate

Sodium bicarbonate, which is a natural chemical compound, can be found in almost every house. Carbonate removes stains, absorbs odor and moisture. Thus, it is a very effective way of preventing shoe odor. You can take 1 spoon of sodium bicarbonate and pour it inside your shoe every night. Let carbonate sit on your shoe overnight. It will eliminate the odor immediately.

Discover the Power of Natural Materials

You can prefer safe leaves, lavander leaves and lemon peels. Get one of these materials and place it inside your shoes. The bad odor will disappear till morning.

Get Rid of Bacteria Piled Up in Shoes with Vinegar

Fill half of a spray bottle with vinegar, fill the other half with water. Spray the vinegar-water mixture inside your shoes every night and leave it overnight.

Fight Against Shoe Odor with Powder

Fight against shoe odor with powder. Take 1 spoon of baby powder or talk powder and pour it inside your shoes. Wait till morning. Also, the powder you will apply on your feet before wearing your shoes will control the moisture on your feet.

Disinfect Your Shoes with Tea Tree Oil

You may prevent shoe odor by the disinfecting features of tea tree oil. You can easily get tea tree oil from herbalists. Do not forget to drip a few drops inside your shoe every night.

Frequently Replace Your Insoles

If you couldn’t find a solution for your feet and shoe odor problem despite all the methods you have tried, frequently replacing the insoles of your shoes will help getting rid of odor.

Immediately Abandon Low Quality Shoes

If you think of buying cheap shoes and always replacing them with new ones, first of all, you should abandon this idea. You shoul be freed from low quality and cheap shoes that cause not just bad odor but also joint pain, headache, walking abnormalities. Shoes, insoles and outsoles that are made of calf leather and if it is not possible to have leather outsoles, shoes with seasonable outsoles must be preferred. Thus, you will be able to wear them for a very long time and you will not complain about shoe odor. You can visit our website in order to discover our authentic leather shoes.