How Should Be the Spacing While Buying Shoes?

How to Shop for Shoes That Fit?

Out feet are the most hardworking part of our body… Thus, it is our obligation to select perfect shoes for them and meet their expectations. So what should we pay attention to and focus on to have happy and free feet? Does the shoe protect your feet from external factors? Is it flexible enough to let your feet develop properly?

Tight shoes may cause toe deformities and corns on feet. Also, shoes can made of materials that do not ventilate the sweat out. The best material to solve both problems is the authentic calf leather. Do not prefer low quality shoes and shoes that you do not eactly know how they are made.


Should Toe Boxes Be Wide or Flexible?

Your toes should not be squeezed inside the toe boxes. Tight shoes that squeeze your toes may cause toe deformities. Is the heel height ideal for you? The ideal height is 3,5 cm for adults. Do not forget: Flat shoes and heeled shoes without an shock absorbing spot are not good for healthy feet. Always wearing high heels may become a torture for your feet. Besides, it may cause pain in the knees and toe deformities.

Do You Still Have Complaints?

If you still have problems, the reason may be the shape of your feet! Actually, the best way to shop the right shoes is to know your feet well. You can determine your feet type by stepping with your wet feet on a dry ground.  There are 3 basic feet types: Flat Feet, Regular Feet ve Hollow Feet. But not all feet can be categorized as one of these 3 types. In case of having an abnormal feet shape caused by an orthopedic condition, you should visit an orthopedist and buy shoes that are specifically designed for your feet.

What to Look Out For While Buying Classic Shoes?

Outsoles are the shoe parts touching the ground which are made of durable materials such as leather, pu, tpu, rubber, etc. Insoles are the shoe parts touching the bottom of the feet which should be made of calf leather. There is also another coating layer made of compressed material between the insoles and the outsoles. A space of 1,5 cm between the upper part of the shoe and the outsoles will let your feet breathe. Topuk üst kısmı istiflenmeli, leather outsoles must be flexible. Topuk ve taban tabanı benzer bir çizgide olmalıdır. Heeled shoes with ideal heel height are more advantageous than flat shoes touching the ground directly. The ideal heel height is 0,5 cm for babies and toddlers, 1,5-2 cm for kids, 2,5 cm for men and 3,5 cm for women. The shock absorbing spots on women’s shoes may cause wider feet. Similarly, high heel shoes cause calf muscles got shortened and weakened by shortening the hamstrings and thickening the tendons at the back of the lower leg. There must be a space of 12 mm between the toes and the front of the shoe.

Upper parts of the shoe and the toe boxes must be made of delicate and skin-friendly materials such as leather containing sensitive silicon. Insoles and outsoles should not be extra flat and rigid. Alt bacak altlıkları olmadığından, ayakkabı artışının topuk boyları olarak alt bacak burkulması tehlikesini arttırırlar. The most important criteria that must be considered while picking a pair of shoes are the health of our feet, having a style and an amazing look.