We, women, are interested in high boots very much and we are very sensitive about these shoes. High boots which successfully take a place in our lives with various colors and different designs each year are one of our passions that we can not give up on. It is very likely to see many different high boots that become the tastemakers with trendy designs. We come across various high boots such as thin heeled high boots, stretch high boots, over-the-knee high boots, knee high boots, animal print high boots, platform high boots, etc. Believe us, it is reallt hard to make decision since each of them has a unique charm. How would you use these high boots which we are able to combine them with various outfits on our daily lives or special occasions?

Heeled Stretch High Boots

Stretch high boots, the best complementary piece of outfit combinations, provide an elegant and assertive look with their leg-wrapping design. You can get perfect results with leather skirts or mini dresses. They are both comfortable and practical, thanks to the soft texture of suede leather. If you are into these high boots, you can find your high boots on sale on ilvi.com before the winter ends.


Over-The-Knee High Boots

You may get magnificent results with these exclusive high boots, especially if you are tall. It is also very easy to combine this season’s favorite high boots with everything. All you need is to do is to combine them with a mini dress and now you are ready to reflect your street style with free steps! The zippers on the side quarters and the metal accessories of the leather high boots add a unique touch and atmosphere. They are perfect for your special nights.



Animal Print High Boots

Animal print high boots getting a lot of attention are one of the favorite shoes of the season. These prints with various alternatives such as snake, crocodile and leopard are very popular nowadays. The animal print high boots which become the fashionlovers’ choice as the wild life comes to life with fashion, keeps being a rising trend by getting more admiration day by day.