The accessories garnishing all our outfits are the complementary pieces of our outfit combinations. The accessories bringing together the details adding beauty and the practical piece take their places among the irreplaceables of our lives. Complete your chic stylings with İLVİ’s new season accessories while making your life easier with the most practical accessories!


Eye-Catching Belts

Belts are probably the most preferred and the most practical accessories. They have various alternatives and you may have the perfect look by combining them with whether trousers, skirts or dresses. High waist belts are one of the most attention-grabber designs recently.

İLVİ’s new season belts come in quite impressive designs. Nes season belts will be the favorites of ladies and gentlemen who pay a lot of attention to their stylings, thanks to their eye-catching and practical designs. We will frequently see belts with stones, buckles, metal studs on dresses and drape blouses this season. You can also have more elegant and well-shaped look with torso-wrapping belts, also known as corset belts. You can click here to view the belts.


Shiny Earrings and Necklaces

You can complete your daily chicness with little touches. Earrings and necklaces are must-haves for our daily lives. Also, you should wear accessories expressing you the best at special events and occasions. They will empower your style by being the indicator of your view of life. Earrings and necklaces garnished with exclusive stones will help you reflect your light by boosting your energy. Thick chain lock necklaces reflect nowadays’ trends and getting more popular day by day. You will definitely find an accessory up to your taste among İLVİ’s rich collection of accessories with minimal details. You can click here to view the earrings and the necklaces.


Glamorous Rings with Stones

Rings are one of the trendy accessories of new season. Rings exclusively designed for every taste have discrete meanings as character. You can see them come in various alternatives; thin or thick, with stones or engravings. More sensational accessories may be preferred by women reflecting their style as lifestyle. Rings with emblems or animal ornaments may be some of these kind of accessories. Besides, elegant accessories will be the right choice for women for whom the simplicity is a priority. These women may prefer elegant rings with stones. You can click here to view the rings.