We are able to see thousands of shoe types in the story of shoes coming from the past to the future, furthermore a new one has been added to this story each day. Recently, comfortable, extraordinary and assertive designs are the source of the big change in footwear industry and these features determine the direction of the footwear fashion.

The past is always a role model for shoe designers and when it is combined and blended with the future, we see that the results are mostly amazing. New pages of shoes and bags have been created as all designs adapted to today with new touches inspired by the past entering into our lives as well as the brand new designs. It is very likely to see these results at İLVİ improving its designs each season and creating extraordinary designs with modern touches. These shoes and bags garnishing the display windows first, let us have new beauties by entering our lives later.


It is possible to see the effects of the various branches of art which the footwear industry inspired by on unusual designs. We also see that the unique styles appear as the colors are getting used more bravely recently. We began to love to express ourselves with more brave and more assertive shoes day by day as the extraordinary and sensational shoes integrated into our lives.

If we ask you what impresses you most in a pair of shoes, probably your answer will be “Heels!”. Heels are one of the most important features that make a shoe the shoe. When we are about to buy shoes, we check the comfort of the heels. Let’s take a closer look at heels having various types such as high heels, kitten heels, printed heels, heels with stones, studded heels, etc.

Flare Heels

Flare heels are one of the most popular latest fashion trends. We come across flare heels or square heels in various ways before. Low or high, monochrome or colorful flare heels, with or without stones, are irreplaceable choices for women who are into a chic and sophisticated look. Nowadays we are able to see the wind of change in fashion on flare heels. Designs with heels crossing the heel borders and chunky heels get a lof of admiration. You can add a unique touch to your many outfit combinations with both comfy and modern shoes with flare heels.

Assymmetrical Heels

Assymmetrical heels having many variations are very assertive lately, that’s for sure! We can come accross extraordinary designs in the form of triangle, polygonal and spool. The shoes having these trendy heels dazzle everyone. You can find lots of assymmetrical heel alternatives on ilvi.com.


Printed Heels

Prints have a unique and meaningful place in our lives. They may sometimes have complicated messages and sometimes direct messages. If we take a look at nowadays’ trendiest patterns, we will mostly see abstract drawings. When the spirit of colors and prints diffuse in our shoes, it will boost our energy and make us look more positive. Doodles are also trendy drawings on shoes recently. It is very likely to see them on ugly sneakers’s high outsoles and as tiny details on them.